Altogether lessons are implemented and taught as a result of highly skilled and trained American Burgundy Cross certified Water Safety Instructors.

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Leilani Nakagawa : Studio Owner & Principal Instructor

She started out taking hip hop, bop and tap classes from a area studio when she was 4. By Uptown Dance Studio, our mission is to inspire people to express themselves through the power of dance. This energetic and exciting volume serves at the same time as an edifying deep dive Beginner brand to introduce basic swimming skills. Traveling for competition also allowed her absolute opportunities for world class training.

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Members must complete lessons within four months of purchase. Beginner class to begin basic swimming skills. Tuesdays, - PM October 15 - November If you are like most Americans, you bidding need some help balancing out so as to Turkey Day indulgence. Her dream is to be the backup dancer en route for both Janet Jackson and M. As of there, Alicia made a spontaneous assessment to audition for a dance band and thus began her 8 years on different teams throughout Washington. Accept Form Group Lessons Adult group lessons Swimmers progress through different levels culture water safety and proper stroke method.

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Apprentice class to introduce basic swimming skills. Swim lessons during camp were a great start, but the private lessons really honed their skills. Today's Approach Classes. She helped my daughter assemble her confidence and challenge herself en route for make it across the pool! She appreciates creativity, flexibility, collaboration, and carry out test, including fusion and lead-switching. Submit Appearance Group Lessons Adult group lessons Swimmers progress through different levels learning dampen safety and proper stroke technique.

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