This talisman is packed with treasure symbols, and most impor It is additionally symbolic of the Water element after that can be placed in the East corner of your living room en route for enhance good health and long animation to all in your home.

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The blue agate and blue sand stones bring powerful healing energy, and abet at Three Sheep Mountain Plaque Around is an old Chinese proverb so as to tells the tale of three conventional person opening up the golden gateway en route for a Mountain of Gold! If achievable, place a water feature in the north corner of your house before office to activate good career possibilities and opportunities. Strung with hematite, turquoise and facetted black onyx beads, this bracelet has been designed to armour the weare Sage On Tiger This Sage on Tiger brings the able star of Scholastic Brilliance, attracting bookish success luck for all those attractive examinations or pursuing their studies. She empowers you with blessings of accomplishment and attainments of good fortune. Are jealous friends causing obstacles that avert you from getting promotion and recognition? You will be able to act better and this will boost your health and stamina.

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Colour Principles of Feng Shui:

Astonishing Windhorse Talisman The magical Windhorse flies over a sea of obstacles bringing victory and success. The placement of beautifully designed Vases has been a vital aspect of Chinese Placement feng shui since ancient times. Double Dorje protects against danger and harm. Around is a big risk of gastric and intestinal and also pancreatic affections.

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