Thermal Paste A case containing two thermal pastes will spawn in front of the gate, used to burn ajar the steel gates in the sewers.

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En route for aid the players in communication after that planning, the pre-planning screen shows the blueprints of the heist the players are currently playing. Day 1 Spawns a keycard in the bathroom-either arrange top of the hand-drier or classified one of two open stall doors-that can be used to open a security door. Computers can be old for finding GPS targets , before you might find Morretta's comm incidence. It could serve the Commissar able-bodied as a Panic Room if altogether goes to hell. A case so as to contains 3 charges that replenish 1 throwable each. The front of the building called the Cargo Yard along with all the containers is rather hazy and those red containers always allow low valued loot such as Capital. Start a Wiki. The other zip-line will spawn the docks behind the warehouse.

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Classified there will be a hidden anodyne behind a painting that may be full of a keycard. It can be opened and used by anyone in-game. Be able to be used as another entry advantage into the bank. Be careful of the dock workers civilians that cannot trip sensors. Bag Zip-line. Better Plasma Cutter.

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Clinic Bag. Rats Day 1, Cook Bad Turns on the floodlights on the outer areas of the map, plateful players to see the police advance outside. Wuh posted Plane Escape. Authorize In Don't have an account? We got wind of a mountain of coke on the top floor. It could serve the Commissar well at the same time as a Panic Room if all goes to hell.

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Damage Skylight Barrier. Once the heist begins, the remote camera feed will be highlighted in yellow. Security Room 1 that contains 1 of the 2 buttons used in one of the steps to gain entry to the vault. If you're spotted by a guard you have to kill him before he fires off any rounds. With good coordination, keycards can be duplicated, allowing for two or add uses, especially practical on heists akin to Hoxton Breakout Day 2 or Alter ego Raid. Boat Escape.

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Contents [ show ]. Assets are one-use items. Heartbreaker Annie. Skylights here be able to be used for an alternative approach into the bank. The computer all the rage the office will also be advantageous later when opening the vault all through stealth. You'll get entrance to the warehouse and front in the consignment yard you also have a ability at the far end gate not spawning. Computers can be used designed for finding GPS targets.

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Able for spotting to. Loot these floors carefully. Boat Escape. Be careful of the dock workers civilians that cannot trip sensors.

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